Bhyve Notes

Random Bhyve Notes

Ubuntu 18.04

I've found myself staring at a


With ubuntu not going anywhere..

If I did

set root=(hd0,gpt2)
set prefix=(hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub
linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/vda2
initrd /initrd.img

vda being because it's got virtio-bd, if it's using ahci …

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Poking at VXLan

Right, now what? :)

So I've heard about vxlan, lots of talk about it, kind of knew what it actually was never really found it .. tempting ..

But I figured I'd better try it and see. So I wanted to do something silly as the first thing.

First configured it between two …

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Making a gitlab-ci for the pelican site

So I've had this pelican site for .. ehm.. $time ..

First .gitlab-ci.yml was easy, just use the basic stuff from examples, but then I needed some extra stuff.

Had to make a requirements.txt to add a few basic python packages (which pulls in an extra dusin).


pelican …
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blockdiags nwdiag embedded in markdown

So after doing a bit of configuration and installation:

sudo apt install -y blockdiag nwdiag apt-utils git python-pip graphviz python-blockdiag
cp -R ../pelican-plugins/liquid_tags plugins/

Doing some config:

PLUGIN_PATHS = ['plugins']
PLUGINS = ['i18n_subsites','neighbors','tag_cloud','post_revision','post_stats','liquid_tags.graphviz','liquid_tags.diag']

It was time to try it out with something that …

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Getting Pelican Plugins working

So, I tried earlier to use bootstrap3 as a theme, more acurately, I tried messing around with themse from Pelican Themes, only very themes worked so in desperation I started reading some documentation, and it always seemed to simple..

Tweak the, and it just works.. also bootstrap3 needs …

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Green Icons on the website.

Right, so a checklist is needed for a website theese days..

  • DNS
  • DNSSEC, which is close to being simple with a bind server

  • HTTP


  • TLS Certificate from Let's Encrypt

A sucessfull validation gives me 5 files:


The privkey.pem being …

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Recovering binary zonefiles from Bind 9.9

So, found this hint after a quick search, the binary zonefiles can for instance appear when doing slave transfer between master and a slave node.

If you then need to upgrade the slave node to master, converting the zonefile from raw to text is …

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Why would I want to have a local nameserver?

As thing are on the internet, having fast reliable access to a trustworthy dns resolver, both for looking up internal hosts and external hosts becomes increasingly more a thing that needs focus. Gone are the days where you could just trust anyone to tell you where things are, in other …

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Setting up a new DNS Zone with BIND

Sometimes you play with DNS, sometimes you want to see how much DNSSEC breaks your game..

I've seen both sides of that one, where I wasn't entirely sure that I'd actually got it up and running, because everything just worked, and the other one, where I was dead certain I …

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