Looking to try Hetzner decicated hosting server and given my recent forays with FreeBSD. After browsing a bit I picked a EX41S, it should be able to run FreeBSD, 64G memory, some about of drivesspace.

Since I don't have any kind of major plans for the server most other parameters are, in this day and age, a bit over any of my goals.


The cost of the server is €48.75/month with a one time setup fee that's €98.75. It's not exactly nothing but I'll survive the extra expense for some time, and it's a large enough expence that I'll notice it. So not bad at all.

Getting started

So right now I'm awaiting hetz doing something.. That's the disadvantage of ordering something physical too late on a friday :-)

Of course, ordering stuff on a friday evening is fine .. But not if it's your first purchase, the initial delay is, understandably, somewhat lengthier than the delay I usually experience when ordering a VPS (aka. virtual machine). Also since it's a physical machine (aka. dedicated hosting) there might have to be some actual physical installation going on, so some initial delay is definitely expected.


I'll try and follow this how-to for hints when I'm stuck... And I've also found this documentation with even more hints :-)


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