So, I have the old post about fixing up my openindiana install.

I recently did an install of a hipster (bleeding edge..) openindiana and the post-install dance is a bit different there.

Quite simply, I do the following as root after install.

Add some publishers

pkg set-publisher -g hipster-encumbered
pkg set-publisher -g localhostoih

Fetch some "nice to have" things.

pkg install zsh gnu-coreutils gnu-diffutils gnu-tar

In case I want an X environment on the box

pkg install mate_install

And then use svcadm to enable lightdm.

Prepare my path for what's about to be installed

PATH=/opt/local/sbin:/opt/local/bin:$PATH export PATH

create ZFS paths to keep an eye on new things.

zfs create -o mountpoint=/opt rpool/opt
zfs create -o mountpoint=/opt/local rpool/opt/local`

And then install it, update it and fetch some nice new software. Obviously the '2016Q4' will changes over time..

The entire path might :)

curl | gtar -zxpf - -C /
/opt/local/bin/pkgin up
/opt/local/bin/pkgin -y install py35-virtualenv py27-virtualenv git


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