Receiving the actual server

It wasn't too difficult to buy, picked a server that seemed reasonable for my tests and clicked buy, after witch I had to wait for a more thorough verification of who I was it was my first purchase, I can't see that as anything but a good thing. If the problem is that you're in a hurry and it needs to go ever so quick, travel back in time and go through the process ahead of time, second purchase should be remarkably quicker.

A few things had to take place in the right order.

    dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD
    title Installation Process

    Select and Order Hardware      : des1, 2018-01-12, 1h
    Verify My Identify             : des2, 2018-01-14, 1h
    Receive Login information      : des3, after des2
    Install FreeBSD                : des4, after des3, 1h
    Reinstall FreeBSD              : des5, after des4, 20m
    Research Network Configuration : des6, after des5, 4h


At his point, after having gotten the basic FreeBSD up and running it was time to think about how I'd want to do things on it. I could with reasonable ease run everything as bhyve images and not learn as much as I'd like to, the whole challenge would be to run as much as would be reasonable as FreeBSD Jails to get the benefit of a lightweight hosting solution.


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