So many components in a wordpress site that it's just scary, and I've had most of them kind of blow up from time to time.

First of all there's the mysql backend that doesn't really run on state of the art hardware, to say the least, sometimes it's just not there. Which really doesn't make wordpress happy.

Then there's all the stuff that needs to be right to make wordpress' php scripts do their thing. For quite some time I've not had plugin updating work well. I ought to be able to select those that needs updates and click update and it should go do it's thing, instead I was presented with a HTTP-404 page, really not funny. Oddly enough, just as I decided to try and replace wordpress, it started working..

I noticed that GitLab introduced gitlab-pages some time ago and I never got around to trying it, I also needed to find something to create the actual content in. I more or less randomly picked Pelican to start somewhere, and most importantly, it could convert a wordpress export xml file to something useable, a bunch of markdown files that did need some work, but at least all the raw text was there.

So this is my first attempt at writing something new :)


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