I had a machine that made a lot of noise, so I didn't really want to sit too close to it.

It got moved to a distant room and placed next to another machine, and that when I learned that the built in OutOfBand feature on that particular machine didn't include the normal console. But I knew there was a serial port on it, so from a machine next to it I could run a cable, now all I needed was to enable login on a serial console. It appears it takes a fair few commands on openindiana.

# svccfg -f - <<EOF  
select svc:/system/console-login  
add ttya  
select svc:/system/console-login:ttya  
addpg ttymon application  
setprop ttymon/device = astring: /dev/term/a  
setprop ttymon/label = astring: console  
setprop ttymon/modules = astring: ldterm,ttcompat  
setprop ttymon/nohangup = boolean: true  
setprop ttymon/prompt = astring: &quot;\`uname -n\` ttya login:&quot;  
addpg general framework  
setprop general/enabled = boolean: true  


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